Romualdas Incirauskas


* 1950 Anykščiai, Lithuania

Works are in Izrael, Germany, Itali, Japan, Austria, Sweden, USA and in museums including British museum.

Romualdas Incirauskas art reflects in plastic of metal, sculpture, medal art and painting planes. Metal plastic works - combination of individual constructivity, emotionality, iconography knowledge and handicraft mastery. It relates constructive, compositional principals with individualy traktated ekological, historical, cultural and biblical subjects. Mostly in plastic of metal aluminium, brass and coloured enamel combination is used.

Medals balances between vizual and applied art, trespassing tradicional medal frames. By maching reliefs withs sculpural forms, design objects and architecture elements, new tipes of medals are formed. It trespasses traditional medal art frames, bouth by genre and by form. Also creates monumetal metal plastic compositions for architecture and interior accents.

The artist has chosen a bird for his painting subject the Bird that allways changes combinations of forms and color, tries to fill all the space of a conves and transforms into a simbol. Harmony of color, details with shining gold creates grandeur, spreads harmony and comfort.